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Not the Victim

John Dehlin is set to find out about his church disciple this week and he writes about victimization:

Do I see myself as a victim? Not at all. I completely acknowledge the LDS Church’s right to decide who should and should not remain a member. If the church excommunicates me, I do not plan to fight that decision. My only concern is that by excommunicating people like me, the church will perhaps unintentionally: 1) send the message to progressive Mormons and doubters that they are also not wanted in the church, and 2) send the message that the church is weak/fearful, undermining its recent attempts (i.e., “I’m a Mormon” campaign) to show itself to be a modern and diverse church. I honestly believe that the church will damage itself if it begins to excommunicate people like myself and Kate Kelly. I also will be deeply sad on a personal level if I am excommunicated.

Mormon Stories Podcast is a great show, but popular and loud supporters of Kate Kelly should probably expect the worst right now. I'm afraid the headline 'LDS Church Ex-Communicates Woman Critic, Gives Pass to Man Critic' is a worst case PR situation now that Kate Kelly's fate is set. I hope I'm wrong.

Bryan MortensenComment