A second attempt at a podcast about different approaches to, and interpretations of, advertising.

Branded, Episode 1


I found an example of what kind of ‘branding’ the podcast is all about, with Burberry. A brand that changes, even significantly, can also be authentic, but it has to be good at Storytelling.

The Disney's mis-steps in marketing the movie Frozen, and the wrong-headed argument about why misleading messaging was ok.

After talking about Frozen as a calculated move, let’s look at the Lego movie as the ultimate example of the win-win-win marketing solution. (Company wins more money, consumers win with more admiration of a loved product, and the brand is served at the high level.)



Facebook’s first attempt at formal advertising is a bizarre and awkward brand manifesto.

Facebook first home’s ad was actually pretty funny in a quirky sort of way, and the entire campaign was a more approachable, if not somewhat flawed, attempt at brand advertising. 

But the new ‘grounded’ campaign is actually some of the more brilliant stuff I’ve seen from a technology company. It shows best use cases of the core product, a brand story, and ties the brand to the product. A+

Finally, the nerd credit for making an ad about community (facebook groups) is pretty impressive in the latest ads.

The backlash of Facebook buying Rift.

The backlash of Facebook buying WhatsApp.

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