A second attempt at a podcast about different approaches to, and interpretations of, advertising.

The Prototype Method

I'm starting a series about prototyping and the method I use to design prototypes.

This is the first entry, and it's about making static mockups.

Also, anyone who wants to join in the "#PROTOTYPED" Prototype Design Exercise? Check out the prototyped challenges here

I'll be taking ideas for 7 different apps that everyone participating will be mocking up through rapid prototyping, so comment on the post or message me if you have an idea.

I see this as a way for us to get a bunch of different mockups on our favorite app ideas from a bunch of different people, that way we can design them out later if we want to. Contribute that app idea you've been sitting on for years to see it come to life several times over. Anyone that wants to participate is invited.

Use the #prototyped hashtag if you post about the project to get the word out.

(Any work as part of the #PROTOTYPED will retain © to the person who submitted the idea.)

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