Prototyped Day Two

The final step when using maps on a smartphone or GPS is always 'your destination is on the right'. This last step in the directions is overly vague and leads to missing the right place to turn or frustration.

Design an app to help people navigate the last step in Maps directions. 

As always, only spend a day designing out your app. If you need some guidance on how to design an app, check out the Prototype Method. When you finish with Day Two's Prototyped challenge, send me your stuff and I'll post it below.

Part One: Features

Bryan: What I came up with is an addition to a existing service called Foursquare. Foursquare has  the best handle on hyper location. Since it has precision location tools when its comes to destinations, it is best set to navigate the last part of GPS directions. Foursquare could offer an  Watch app that specializes in getting the user specially oriented to their eventual destination. Since the app lives on the wrist, it requires no interaction and will simply point its user in the correct direction through its animation. I call it, "Foursquare Arrive".

Part Two: Conventional UI


Part Three: Disruptive UI

Part Four: Mockup

Foursquare Arrive Overview.001.png

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