Prototyped Day One

People get on planes, boats, subway cars, and other places without the ability to connect to the internet. Is there a way to service those who know they are about to lose access to the internet for a time?

Design an app for those who will be off the internet when they use your app.

As always, only spend a day designing out your app. If you need some guidance on how to design an app, check out the Prototype Method. When you finish with Day One's Prototype'd challenge, send me your stuff and I'll post it below.

Part One: Features

Bryan: What I came up with is an app called 'No Service', which lets people download their social media in bulk to be read through later. I found that when my device says 'No Service' in the top right corner, I become frustrated with social media applications that held little backlogs of content. What if you could stash a backlog of content on the device prior to leaving service? 

Part Two: Conventional UI



Part Three: Disruptive UI


Part Four: Mockup

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