Prototyped Day Three

We live in a spoiler free society. Before you talk about any movie or TV show, you have to check your surroundings and quiz your audience on their willingness to discuss events that occurred in the latest House of Cards or Christopher Nolan flick. But what if you want to be spoiled? What if you could design an app that allows you to spoil the plot of any movie, TV show, or book?

Design an app to help people find spoilers easily.

As always, only spend a day designing out your app. If you need some guidance on how to design an app, check out the Prototype Method. When you finish with Day Three's Prototyped challenge, send me your stuff and I'll post it below.

Part One: Features

Bryan: I designed an app called Spoils, which lets people read spoilers from Wikipedia plot synopsis. It also allows you to create an audio recording of a reading of the wikipedia entry, so other people can listen to the plot of the movie as a mini podcast. You can add movies, TV shows, or books you'd like spoiled to your queue. You can choose to read the spoilers, listen to the spoilers, or record yourself reading the spoilers.

Part Two: Conventional UI

Part Three: Disruptive UI

Part Four: Mockup

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