Hi, I'm Bryan. I design experiences. 

 I work at IBM as an Experience Designer and got my masters degree in Experience Design from the VCU Brandcenter.

 this is me.

this is me.

Longer Version:

Since there is always another guy named Bryan in every class or office I've been in, I usually go my nickname, bemorte. 

I love Experience Design (Product Design, UX Design, UI Design, and Strategic Design). 

I spent most of my life being a nerd, but only recently discovered how to use my inner geek to make useful things. I graduated in Creative Advertising from Brigham Young University, where I specialized in Creative Technology doing work for real clients in the BYU ad-lab. During my undergraduate years, I worked as a genius at the Apple Retail Store, where I discovered and nurtured my love for User-Centered software design.  I graduated in the VCU Brandcenter masters program in Experience Design in 2016, and took a job designing for IBMix shortly after.

I employ empathy based design processes to create new and disruptive services and applications, and helping convince brands to adopt these approaches when they create for their customers.

Deliverable Experience: Mockups, Wireframes, Persona, User Journey, Functional Specs, Assumption Mapping, Motion Based Prototypes, Static Mockups, Keynote Decks, Videos, UX Documentation, and Decks.

Tools of Choice: Principle, Keynote, Final Cut Pro, Sketch, Pixelmator, Paper by 53, Adobe CS, Facebook's Origami.

I love all good movies and a fair amount of mediocre ones as well. My friends would describe me as an Apple Fanboy, and a diehard BYU fan. I live in Concord, CA with my wife of three years, and our dog, Link. I am a published author in the BYU Pre-Law Review (2011) and I currently co-host a monthly comedy podcast called Happy Valley Podcast.


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